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Property Tax Appeals

 Marlene has extensive experience in helping commercial and residential property owners lower their assessments. Reducing an owner's property assessment lowers their yearly tax bill. She has a 99% success rate in lowering assessments with the largest tax bill reduction of $55,000 per year!

Marlene has served on the "other side" of a government State Board of Property Tax appeals and was an employee of a prominent attorney lowering over $1,000,000 of TAXES per year. She attributes her high success rate to local assessors trusting and respecting her work and knowing what evidence to gather in order to lower an assessment. State-of-the-art information sources are utilized in valuing properties. Data is immediately available through online sources.

Marlene recently served as a temporary member for a local Board of Review.  In this capacity Marlene was quoted as saying, "I was so surprised at the lack of information homeowners presented to the board or the abundance of information overload that had little relevance. Most of the cases presented before the board that were not lowered were because of lack of proper evidence, not because they shouldn't have been lowered."

Services provided by Bayside Appraisal Group, Inc. for assisting property owners in lowering their assessments may include:

  • Consulting the property owner in several stages of the appeal process 
  • Preparing the proper town forms
  • Providing necessary evidence/appraisal for the property owner to present their case
  • Attend hearings at all three levels to explain and defend our evidence/appraisal
  • Hearings include Town Assessor's informal, Board of Review and Small Claims Court

Remember, the burden of proof is on the homeowner. The only way to lower your assessment is if your evidence convinces the hearing officer that your market value estimate is more accurate than the Town Assessor's.